What To Do When Times Get Tough…


Happy August!  I don’t think I have been so ready to have a clean slate!  The past month knocked me down pretty good.  But, hey, we’re all human right?

I didn’t get a job I applied for at work and to say I was discouraged was an understatement.  My expectations are so high for myself and I felt like I was super prepared for my second interview.  Well, I got the “they decided to go with someone else” call and it threw me for a loop.

I really was feeling like a negative Nancy because my attitude was so bad!  I was over it.  I felt better after I vented a little bit to some of my friends because I just had to get the bad feeling out of me.  The bad feeling was that I let myself down AGAIN.  Do you ever feel that way?  I do…A LOT.  So you know what I did?  I gave myself a pep talk.  Yup, I had to remind myself how much I have to offer, how great I am at my job, and how grateful I am to work for my firm.  Of course my job is not always easy but it allows me to pay my bills, provides me with health insurance, and gives me the luxury of working with some absolutely amazing people.  My coach Kristen also said something that stuck with me…”Whatever is meant to be will be.  When it’s your time, it will happen, don’t rush it.”  The problem is I get something in my head and I want it at that very moment.  I need to pump the brakes and slow down and make sure what I’m doing is what’s right for me.

What else happened?  I had this dream one night that I was in a mall with my ex-husband and I was telling him I wish we never got divorced.  IT WAS SO REAL and those kind of dreams just made a mess of my heart and thoughts.  It was very sad and took me back to that place that was dark and lonely.  The place I don’t want to ever be again.  That was a rough day and I still keep thinking about it.  I found this quote that I put on my Instagram that went like this-“Time:  The healer and the killer.”  (d.j).  8 years later and my subconscious still haunts me with things like this.

I have also been dealing with something else that is a little more private but let’s just say we all have demons right?  I realized I enjoy something a little too much and it has been slowly destroying my quality of life.  It’s gotten to the point where I needed to do something about it (it’s not drinking, drugs, nothing like that).

WHEW.  That was a lot.  So, how can you get past those days where you just want to run away from the world because you feel so destroyed?  Read on!

GET HELP.  Remember that post where I went to see a therapist?  I am lucky to have 6 weeks of counseling provided to me through my firm at no cost so I signed back up.  I’ve already had 2 sessions with my therapist and it feels SO good.  You have to get your mind right and keep it that way!

Have a good support system.  I say this in so many of my posts!  It’s important to surround yourself with good people who want the best for you.  They may disagree with you or voice their opinion about something, but they will always support you.  They will be there for you when you’re at your lowest and will help bring you back up.

Only you can change the way you think.  Start looking at the positive instead of the negative.  I know sometimes it’s easier said than done but your mindset is what determines how your whole day goes.  If I wake up in a cheerful mood, I know I will have a great day.  If I wake up in a bad mood, I know the day will drag on and I will just be in a negative state of mind and this will affect everything I do.

Finally…Remember, these feelings are temporary!  This too shall pass.  I always say EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!  You must get through the rain to see the sunshine.  It will get better!


Later Babes,



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